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After your arrival at Maldives, the first day should be spent at Hulhumale Island. This is one of the islands that can be visited by road. Usually, you have to take a private or public ferry or seaplane to hop on to an island.

Some important Tips for your Maldives Trip
• When in mainland Male, dress appropriately. Maldives is an Islamic country and so certain dresses are not allowed unless you are in an exclusive resort. Respect the traditions and culture of the country you visit.
• Cost can be greatly reduced if you do not stay in an exclusive resort. You can stay in Maafushi instead and have a day-excursion to an exclusive resort. You can save up to 500$ in this way.
• Do not lose the receipt when you will be exchanging your USD to MVR. You will need it in case you want the leftover local currency be changed back to USD.
• If possible, experience the signature overwater bungalow accommodation. It is pricey, but completely worth it.
• Alcohol is not usually available in the local islands.
• Visa-on-arrival is available for all nationalities.
• Explore Maldives in comfortable dress and shoes with good sun-protection


Day 1


After your arrival at Maldives, the first day should be spent at Hulhumale Island. This is one of the islands that can be visited by road. Usually, you have to take a private or public ferry or seaplane to hop on to an island. There are a number of budget as well as luxury hotels at Hulhumale Island. Two wheelers are quite common here and you can rent one to explore Hulhumale. The island has a beautiful beach that you can explore at your own leisure.

Day 2

Hulhumale – Male – Maafushi

You have to go to the Hulhumale port to board a local boat for Male city. The local boats at Hulhumale depart every 30 minutes. Take any of the boats and arrive at Male. Roam about Male, visit the largest mosque in Male and then visit the Villingili Ferry Terminal for onward journey towards Maafushi. Arrive at Villingili port with some time in hand. The Villingili Beach is within walking distance from the port. Take the 3 PM boat that leaves towards Maafushi. It takes around 2 hours to reach Maafushi and while on the way, enjoy the awesome views.Maafushi is one of the largest islands in Maldives located 27 km from Male. There are a number of accommodation options here to choose from.

Day 3

Exploring Maafushi

Maafushi is an idyllic place with plenty of beautiful beaches, water activities and some great food. There are a number of things that you can do at Maafushi. Explore the beaches There are four main beaches – Public Beach, Bikini Beach, Water Sports Beach and Coral Beach. As the name suggests, Bikini beach is the only beach here where you can roam around in skimpy swimwear (bikinis for ladies and topless for men). It is illegal to expose your skin in public on other parts of the island. Bikini Beach is usually quite crowded. There are two Public Beaches and they are usually quieter and less crowded. Water activities – Snorkeling and Diving Maldives is a heaven for under water marine life. You can book snorkelling and diving tours at the local diving centres to explore the aquatic life here. Maavelaathu, Banana Reef, Vilivaru Corner, Maafushi Corner are the main snorkeling points. Scuba Diving at Maldives is an unforgettable experience. There are 3 diving centers on Maafushi and it costs $35 per dive. Among other water sports, you can enjoy parasailing, jet ski or embark on a fascinating kayak trip. Sandbank Visit the sandbank in the midst of crystalline turquoise water. Enjoy sitting in the pristine white sand while enjoying the gorgeous views of the sea. Dolphin Safari This is something that you should not miss. It will be wonderful sight to see the school of dolphins gracefully playing in the waters. Spotting of dolphins is always a matter of chance, but if you spot the dolphins, it is going to be a surreal experience.

Day 4

Maafushi – Fihalhohi

To reach Fihalhohi, you have to take a speedboat. Fihalhohi is the last island of South Male and is the place for overwater bungalows that Maldives is so famous for. The place has a captivating view of the Indian Ocean and is truly a tropical paradise. The beach resorts are equally charming with palm-thatched roofs and a private terrace overlooking the island’s terrain. This is a place where you simply need to forget everything and relax. Indulge yourself in an exotic spa treatment as well.

Day 5

Back to Maafushi

Return to Maafushi from Fihalhohi and this day, take your time to explore the place, Visit the souvenir shops. It is advisable to buy the souvenirs from here as they are cheaper compared to other islands.

Day 6

Maafushi – Fulidhoo

Another island paradise of Maldives, Fulidhoo is a tiny island, just 675 metres by 200 metres. You can reach here by speedboat or by public ferry. Public ferries run from Male to Fulidhoo stopping at Maafushi in between. The main beach here is simply gorgeous. You can also indulge in snorkeling, diving and kayaking in the lagoon here. There are a number of guest houses at this island for accommodation.

Day 7

Fulidhoo – Male

Male is the capital city of Maldives. I always feel that a culture of a country can be properly understood by exploring its capital city. After you arrive at Male from Maafushi, keep the day for exploring this crowded capital. There are no mandatory attractions as such in Male. You can visit the Sultan’s Park, The President's palace, Mulee Aage and the National Museum. If you had not visited the mosque on Day 2, it is the time to visit it now.There are several cosmopolitan dining at Male having international and Indian fare. You can stay at Male itself. The Somerset Hotel, Hotel Jen Male and Hotel Octave are some options that you can look into.

Day 8

Depart from Male

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